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Collect every form in sight, better to have ones you don't need than missing an important one.

It is important that you have the correct complaint forms. You can check for the correct form by looking at the State and County pages.

  • Fill out your complaint form.
  • Have your signature notarized.
  • Make several copies.
  • If possible, physically take your appeal form to the assessor’s office and have them stamp the original and one of your copies with the date received.
  • If you cannot physically go to the assessor’s office, then mail your complaint in via certified mail with delivery confirmation. Ask the assessor to stamp one copy received for you and have the assessor mail the copy back to you with an enclosed self addressed stamped envelope.
  • You need to have tangible proof that you filed your complaint in a timely fashion.


Be sure to get all relavent information on exemptions you may that you may qualify along with applications. Such exemptions include:

  • Circuit Breaker:Your district may exempt you from property tax assessment all together if you meet their definition of living in a “low income” household, or are an elderly homeowner.
  • Homestead Some districts permit a reduction in assessed value for principal residences.
  • Veteran Some jurisdictions grant exemptions to veterans of the armed forces, disabled veterans of the armed forces and to a surviving spouse or child of a veteran and the residence is a primary residence.
  • Disabled Exemptions|Physically Challenged/Disabled If you are a handicapped or blind homeowner you may be exempted from paying property tax. Typically you will have to furnish a doctor’s certificate of disability.
  • Senior Citizen If you are 65 or older, some jurisdictions permit a partial exemption;
  • Agricultural Property Some areas exempt farmland. This protects farmers and ranchers from increased assessments when the areas surrounding them are being developed.
  • Home Improvement/Environmental In some jurisdictions, if you make certain improvements, particularly energy saving improvements (wind energy, solar energy etc.) an exemption may be available.
  • Some jurisdictions exempt one from property tax if the property is used for Religious purposes, or if you have a Mobile Home on the property; or if the property is a Historic Site. In some jurisdiction an exemption may be available if you have a Home Based Business.

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