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If you wish to appeal your personal property tax assessment, contact your assessor’s office to find out what procedures must be followed. Additional information can be found at your State or County pages.

Generally you must provide to the assessor some type of appraisal of the vehicle or personal property. The appraisal may prepared by an expert such as a car dealer, car auctioneer, automobile mechanic, airplane mechanic or insurance appraiser depending on the property.

Most cases the appraisal may be a reference to the National Automobile Dealer’s Association (“N.A.D.A.”) guide or other standard reference. Other source may be newspaper listing, Internet listings. Each community has their own requirement.

Armed with information demonstrating that your property has been over-valued you may then forward the relevant information, including photos of the true condition of your property to the assessor’s office. In some jurisdictions you can mail the information to the assessor’s office. In some jurisdictions you may fax the information and in some jurisdictions you must make an in person appeal.

The appraisal should set forth the evaluation of the vehicle on January 1, of the tax year for which the assessment is being appealed. Or other date according to the jurisdiction.

Items to consider in the appraisal value:

Exterior Condition

  • Exterior condition of the vehicle, evaluating paint, finish, rust, body work, presence of bond-o and how the doors operate.

Interior Condition

  • Evaluate the interior condition of the vehicle, considering carpets and seats for soiling and holes. Also examine the dash and the functionality of all of the displays and audio equipment.

Overall Condition

  • Critique the mechanical soundness of the vehicle, commenting on all major systems, such as engine, transmission, brakes, tires and high mileage.

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