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A wiki is a website which can be collaboratively edited by anyone. As such, Our Property Taxe$ typically tries to keep all pages open for editing 24 hours a day. However there are some circumstances that cause us to temporarily or permanently protect some pages from editing by anyone but a Our Property Taxe$ administrator. Quite frequently, our featured articles and our most popular pages are vandalized. While we can usually just revert the vandalism and move on, occasionally these attacks become so frequent that the best option for serving our readers is to temporarily protect the page from editing. In addition, during time periods when few Our Property Taxe$ians are patrolling recent changes, an administrator might place a pre-emptive temporary protection on a page if an upcoming vandalism attack is suspected. For example this occasionally happens to some featured articles during the overnight hours in the North American time zones. Finally there are some pages such as the Main Page which are such attractive vandalism targets that they are permanently protected from editing by anyone except administrators.

Despite the above uses of page protection, our goal is to keep Our Property Taxe$ as open to editing as is possible. Protecting pages from editing should be done rarely and should be a measure taken cautiously.

Instructions for Administrators


If you stumble upon a page that is unnecessarily protected, you should feel free to unprotect the page.

Editing Protected Pages

If you choose to edit a protected page, please proceed cautiously as it may not be possible for anyone besides an administrator to edit any mistakes you make.

For Other Editors and Contributors

Non-administrative editors and contributors should feel free to request unprotection for a page that may be unnecessarily protected. This can be done by posting a request on the corresponding discussion page, or by directly contacting an administrator.

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