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Distortions, falsehoods, spin and deceptions

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Thing they're not telling you.
During voting season our Politicians enlist high paid consultants to help sell us on property tax issues. These consultants are very skilled in wording an issue in very positive terms, sometimes called "Spin". Many of these campaigns are paid for with our tax dollars. Opposition to these campaigns mostly comes from grass-root efforts that are usually under funded and have a difficult time explaining the opposing side of the issue.

Here is what they say and what they're not telling you.

What they say What they're not telling you
A yes vote on Prop T would not raise taxes but simply extend the current rate of 25 cents per $100 of assessed valuation an additional five years. A no vote would decrease your taxes.
A yes vote on Prop S will provide funding for schools Dollars collected from the new tax will be put into the general revenue fund and spent for all community projects. Some of the dollars from the general revenue fund will Provide funding for schools
Assessments are high even though home prices have lowered because assessments are calculated by looking back over 4 years. The assessor averages back 4 years but you have the right to assessed at the beginning of the tax year, usually January 1.
Our County Government tax rate has not increased in 15 years Property taxes are generally distributed to the state, schools, fire protection, street maintenance and County Government. A small portion is distributed to the County Government. The Counties portion of the property taxes may not have increased but other divisions of the government have increased.
Our tax rate has not increased in 15 years The tax rate may not have increased but the revenue has increased due to higher property tax assessments.

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