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Questions to Ask Before you Vote
Get honest answers

It is the responsibility of all of us to become informed regarding the property taxes in our community. Your community has a massive amount of resources that is uses to convince you to vote for, or against, a specific tax issue. Remember, that resource your community is using comes out of your tax dollars.

Our only remedy is to become educated regarding how our communities administer the tax system. Many government officials will ask for addition taxes and higher tax rates in a manor that is misleading and in fact many times an outright lie. We have all heard the line:

  • This tax is required to build more highways.
  • This tax is needed to expand social services.
  • This will only increase your taxes by 25 cents.

Questions that should be asked whenever you hear talk of a tax increase. These questions should be asked of those in government who are asking for any new tax.

We call it the TAX INCREASE QUESTIONS and should be answered truthfully and without spin.

  • Many times a community will plead for new money without telling you how much they already have and how much new revenue they received since the last tax increase, so then ask:
    • How much increase in revenue has been received by the government from all sources since the last tax increase ? Provide amounts of revenue from all sources such as road tax, sales tax, excise tax, property tax, gambling / casinos taxes, corporate taxes: all sources of revenue must be provided.
  • Many times a community will ask for a tax increase to finance a "Special Project" such a a new communication system or a new fire truck. They will say how the existing equipment is old and needs to be replaced and will improved services. What they are not telling you is that they really need funds to pay for an item such as higher salaries but know that the community will not pass a tax increase for higher salaries.

If the tax increase is approved, the community will use existing funds that has would have been used to purchase the new truck to pay for higher salaries and use the revenue form the tax increase to pay for the new truck.

    • Will revenue from the tax increase be placed in to a separate fund and used exclusively for the stated purpose of the tax increase? How can records of this separate fund be accessed by the public ?

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