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Knowledge is Power
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Understanding your tax bill will give you some encouragement.

After you get over the shock of seeing your tax bill, you should take the time to understand what it says. It is very important that you understand everything on your Tax Bill.

You can get assistance by calling on contacting you local assessor office at you State and County page. Many communities have volunteers that will assist in reviewing your tax bill.

Locator Number

Uses as a reference an accurate land description in the county recorder of deeds' office, and such constitutes an accurate description of the land.


Denotes “parcel identification number” and is the number used to identify your property for the tax assessor as well as the tax collector.



Denotes the School District as well as the Municipality in which your property is situated.

Special Assessment

  • Sewer Lateral is a special insurance premium property owners pay to insure against a blockage of their sewer lateral.

Common abbreviations

  • dbt svc = Bond Debt Tax
  • eel = Environmental Endangered Land Districts
  • fire-re = Fire and Rescue Service Tax
  • oper = City Operating Tax
  • sch op = School Operating Tax

Additional abbreviations can be found at Dictionary of Terms

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